Feeling good in your body means being healthy in more ways than one. Massage and wellbeing are at the core of Nutrissage, including a drive to help clients succeed in their ‘feeling-good’ health quest!

Ramona Dalton (she/her), Owner & Remedial Therapist, has a Diploma of Remedial Massage from the Australian Institute of Fitness. She has AIF Sports Trainer certification and is a Certified Functional Movement Therapist, identifying, diagnosing and treating movement-based dysfunction and helping prevent potential and recurring injuries. Ramona is a Remedial Member of Massage & Myotherapy Australia. Ramona also has a Certificate of the Advanced Course of the Myofascial Cupping Technique. She has a keen interest in the roles of fascia and stress in their impacts on physical discomfort and wellbeing.

Ramona is a qualified Nationally Recognised Nutritionist and Member of the Nutritional Council of Australia. She offers Nutritional advice in the areas of Health & Wellness and Sports Nutrition.

Ramona came to nutrition and massage after a 20 year career in strategic PR in the environmental & conservation science and food innovation spaces and decided it was time to mix things up. Helping individuals find ease of movement in their bodies through good food & lifestyle practices and massage treatments is Ramona’s way of encouraging a zest for life and vitality in her clients.

Originally from the cold depths of Montreal Canada, she now lives in sunny Adelaide with her two young daughters.  They enjoy gardening, cooking, camping and a weekend hike or beach visit here and there.  Ramona used to mountain bike but degeneration in her lower spine meant that had to stop. She’s currently into pilates, martial arts, hiking & walking, and can’t get enough of growing her own food to eat!

Nationally Recognised Nutritionist Nutrition Council of Australia

Connecting a client with bigger picture health goals is extremely important to me. Educating and empowering individuals while providing tools in health and physical maintenance can have a wonderful and lasting effect. Not only for you, but for the people in your life.

– Ramona Dalton – Owner, Nutrissage

Ramona Dalton Nutrissage

“Every single person deserves to wake up feeling strong and able to face their day”.

~ Ramona Dalton – Owner & Remedial Therapist, Nutrissage