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Are you experiencing pain or discomfort?

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Feeling ‘normal’?

Work and play can take its toll on how smoothly our bodies run. It can mean physical pain or headaches, it can affect our sleep, our energy levels, and our enjoyment of life.

Did being uncomfortable in your body became normal somewhere along the line?

Does it have to stay that way? 

It doesn’t matter whether you’re sporty and active, a parent, an office worker, manual laborer, retired – you name it – out clients come from all walks of life with different conditions.


You deserve to wake up feeling strong
and able to face your day

By helping align your sense of comfort in your movements with your physical strength, and nutritional health, you can look forward to
a quality of life that allows you to do the things that you enjoy.


Remedial, Sport & Relaxation

Massage Helps

Relieve pain        Reduce stress
Improve sleep         Increase vitality
Improve mental health

Massage is great for your body & mind and can have lasting benefits, including for common conditions like:

Neck, Shoulder & Back pain
Sciatic impingement

** Health fund rebates available **
++ eligible to provide remedial massage under Home Care Package Program ++


Health & Wellness

Culture, food intake, existing health, and lifestyle all play a role in your sense of wellbeing. Whether for general wellbeing or sport optimisation (pre and post event meal plans), we can provide health guidance and nutritional advice to address your personal needs. 

Ready to wake up feeling energised to face your day?

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Happy clients

Ramona is a fantastic massage therapist. I am a Pilates instructor and dancer and therefore very particular with whom I choose to trust. Ramona is thorough, very intuitive and has helped me immensely with my body tensions, strains and flexibility. I highly recommend her.


Massage client. Dancer, Pilates Instructor, Busy Mum and Uni Student

Thanks Nutrissage. Highly recommend Ramona for any back, shoulder and muscular issues you may have. I started seeing her 6 months ago with constant back shoulder and hip issues. I now have a scheduled maintenance appointments and have never felt better. Thank you


Massage client. Executive, Busy Mum, and Pilates Lover

Ramona is a great massage therapist. She’s very attentive and sensitive to what my body needs, offering just the right amount of pressure required in a calm and relaxing atmosphere. Would highly recommend.


Massage client. Officer worker and Walking Enthusiast

Ramona is an incredible massage therapist, her exceptional knowledge of the human muscular and nervous systems combined with her passion for helping people return to being their best selves while educating you throughout the process is truely reflected by the quality of service and the results that she provides. I would highly recommend her to anyone who is seeking the best and most professional massage experience


Massage client. Business owner, busy dad, loves to work out

Ramona was extremely polite and thoughtful. Very thorough and I felt extremely relaxed throughout. Didn’t want to move after. Felt heaps better after. Loved it.


Massage client. Health care worker, always on her feet

Have visited Ramona three times now and each time has been really positive. She is extremely receptive to what I say and listens to me, while giving her advice on probable causes, and remedies to my symptoms. She has helped me a lot in my mobility when performing labour intensive tasks.


Office worker and car enthusiast.

Ramona is a talented and thoughtful massage therapist who takes the time to understand what is happening in my body and adapts her therapy to treat the cause not merely the symptoms.I walk out taller, more limber and move more freely after an hour on her massage table.


Massage client. Busy business woman and frequent traveler

Ramona provides a calm yet remedial experience for my body. I hike often and experience tender spots.Ramona is able to give these muscles, joints or ligaments some well deserved attention.


Massage client. Teacher, busy mum, and keen hiker

I have massage every week. I am a Complementary Medicine Practitioner and quite fussy. Ramona engages well, listens carefully and provides excellent massage.


Massage client. Complementary Health Practitioner and avid swimmer

A massage from Ramona is a real treat, she has an excellent intuitive touch and can really find those tense spots. She has that perfect amount of pressure where it feels like it’s doing a really good job but doesn’t hurt too much. She has a really good understanding of the physiology and explained what she was concentrating on.
I felt really good after my massage with her!


Massage client. Business owner, mother, likes a physical challenge!

Ramona has been fantastic at listening to what I have to say about the pain in my lower back and hip areas and applied her knowledge to create a simple massage plan we can work on together. She is also understanding and very helpful when asking about the anatomy, and why I use particular parts of my body. I highly recommend her work!


Massage client. Restaurant owner and grid iron enthusiast.

I have been getting regular massages from Ramona for a few months now. She’s a really great massage therapist with a lot of technical knowledge. She is very interested in checking in each time with any issues you are having and works to target those areas as well as giving a good overall massage. Ramona also gives good advice about things to do at home such as stretches or mobility exercises.


Massage client. Works in a stressful office by day. On a mission to keep feeling fit.